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360 Degrees Cleaning

360 Degrees Cleaning

When it comes to professional results for any home cleaning needs, 360 Degree Cleaning is the perfect choice for you! This London based company provides its costumers with huge range of domestic and office cleaning services. A basic cleaning service will cost you £7.00p/h. You could reach their services in the following London areas: 

  • Central London
  • West London
  • South London
  • East London
  • North London


    1 Review

  1. I organised a birthday party last month at home and as you expect, the whole apartment was a complete mess in the end of it. There was red wine everywhere on the carpets and furniture, flue in the bathroom and food on the walls, floor even on the ceiling (I don’t have no idea,how they achieved it). My boyfriend told me about ”360 Degrees Cleaning” and i decided to try with them. I have never trusted another person to clean my own stuff before, but when they finished, I was amazed. The service was quite fast, skilled and organised.. Before them I couldn’t believe that my home will be clean again, but thank God they did their job perfectly. It was like nothing has been celebrated here. I will absolutely use them next time,when I need help.


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