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BT Flooring Services

BT Flooring Services

BT Flooring Services is an experienced provider of wood flooring and hardwoods services. The company is specialized in restoring wooden floors and fitting installations. BT Flooring Services is providing both domestic and commercial flooring to its clients. The company offers the following benefits:

  • Competitive prices
  • Free estimates
  • One year guarantee on all work
  • Service at all times


    1 Review

  1. We’ve decided to put an oak floor in the living room. I’ve heard only good things about the material and the only thing I needed was someone to install it. I chose this company for the job, despite their ugly website. The guy on the phone was quite helpful and booked us the service in no-time.

    Two guys came for the flooring and managed to put all those heavy oak planks and fit them really good so there wouldn’t be any empty spaces and it wouldn’t creak. The end result was just splendid.


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