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Rinkoff Bakeries Ltd

Rinkoff Bakeries Ltd

Rinkoff is your expert baker since 1911, offering the widest range of baked goods – bread, cakes, Danish pastries, rolls, crodough and many more. 

Established more than 100 years ago, this family venture is prospering, with 2 shops, located in London – one on 224 Jubilee Street E1 3BS and the other on 79 Vallance Road E1 5BS.

Try out one of our fresh products, or order a special birthday cake on 0207 791 4909.

Rinkoff Bakery works Monday to Friday from 8 until 4pm and Sundays from 8 till 3 pm.

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  1. It’s definitely my favorite bakery! Excellent service and tasty products.Peanut Butter Cookie with Belgium chocolate is amazing.


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