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Riverside Studios

Riverside Studios

Riverside Studios is the space for inspiration, creativity and risk in London. This art and media centre strives to be as friendly, energetic and international as possible. Located in Hammersmith on Thames, Riverside Studios consists of 2 performance and one TV studio, a cinema, production galleries, offices, Bar and Restaurant, a Film Cafe and River Terrace. Our theatre program is a showcase of international and co-productions, often described as a cutting edge performance.

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  1. I used to go there everytime, I need a shelter from my normal lifestyle. The close touch with the real art and culture is pretty refreshing and it keeps me away for a while from all the stress I’m under to nowdays. Watching film with good company, going to an cultural event or even visiting an art exhibitions alone can make me feel like a brand new man. Riverside Studio has got this specific charm which you can’t find in every normal movie theatre. The homelike atmosphere, friendly service, normal prices and fantastic range of events can impress every single one,who want runaway for a while of this fast,stress lifestyle.Really recommend it for you all :) you need to try this for sure :)


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