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Sam’s Plumbing

Sam’s Plumbing

Sam’s plumbing is a professional London company, specialised in maintenance and repair of pipes, radiators, drains, boilers and more. Choose the local reliable professional to put an end to your plumbing nightmares. Our service is hassle-free and will improve your home for an affordable price. Hiring Sam’s plumbing will save you additional costs, without compromising with the quality. We work hard and always strive for customer satisfaction.

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  1. I booked power flush with this company before installing a new boiler. After seeing the results, I truly regretted having put it off for so long. The entire house now heats up a lot faster than before and I saved a lot of money on my bills in the winter. When I saw the amount of sludge that had built up, I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. I’m really glad I had it all cleaned before installing the new boiler. The technicians were very diligent and careful and I’m very pleased with my experience with this company.


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