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Taylor Taylor London

Taylor Taylor London

Voted London’s best hairdresser, Taylor Taylor offers the top creative talents in both UK and the world to work on your hair.
Having numerous awards and appraisal, the studio provides the best experience possible for you and your hair. Apart for the saloons in London at: Commercial ST, Portobello RD and Cheshire ST, the saloon can also be visited on the Maldives or if you are up for it – worldwide. Tylor Taylor offers to send you as many stylists as you require worldwide – simply contact them for discussion. 

    1 Review

  1. At first I wasn’t very sure about Taylor’s Salon, but from the moment I came in, I changed my mind. I thought that because the salon is full of celebrities, they will ignore me or just not pay me that attention like the others. But the service was brilliant. I felt like a rockstar for a moment. I didn’t know what I want actually, I was just in need to change something. So I turned to the stylist for an advice. He was such a professionalist. He proposed to me a few different hairstyles and make his best for me to look perfect. And his mission was accomplished. When I went out of the salon, everybody turned after me. I got my 15 minutes of fame and all because of Taylor’s Salon. Thank you!


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